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July 2017 Newsletter

Our opening day for the 2017-18 season is scheduled for Saturday 2 September.  Details on this will be given nearer the time but mark the date on your calendars/diaries.

Our Match Committee have met and have drafted out our programme.  Once this is finalised and it is ready to be included into our handbook details will be given of the events scheduled for dates close to the opening day.

This is a good time to start some canvassing for new members.  We will be having an open day at the beginning of the season for members to bring along friends, families, neighbours and see if any of them could be interested in taking up the game of bowls.

Every Saturday afternoon in August we plan to have Indoor Bowls commencing at 2.30 pm.  So come along and join in the fun – bring along a friend or two if you wish.

The Executive have held their first Meeting since our AGM.  Some portfolios have been allocated and these are:


Catering Sandy/Carole Delegate to Centre Murray
Discipline Executive Committee Fund raising/trading table Heather/Sharon
Raffles Robyn Grants John/Chris C
Greens Chris C Honours Board Glenda/Yvonne
Membership Glenda/Carole Newsletter Yvonne
Repairs & Maintenance John/Chris C Sponsorship Les / ?
Uniforms Chris R/Sandy Website Yvonne/Heather

Portfolio allocations does not mean that that person(s) is solely responsible for it – they can either delegate or ask other members for assistance.  So please help them if you can.

You will be advised of other allocations of portfolios as they are determined.

The Centre has made a small tweak to their website: When you click on “Check Your Entry”, you will now be taken direct to the entries page.  (Entry forms can be downloaded via the black button on the front of the website marked “Entry Forms”). You can also access entries from this page.

There are lists on the Board for people to put their names on to indicate their interest in participating in Pennants and Interclub.  Please get your names up as soon as possible.

Once the greens are open several coaching sessions will be held.  Watch the noticeboard for details of these.  As advised previously we now have 2 coaches in our Club – Jean and Dave Goodey.  If you have any queries or need for assistance with your playing please do not hesitate to discuss these with them.

A check with the Centre has confirmed that at the last Delegates meeting it was passed that this season those people with dual membership will only be allowed to play a particular championship in one Club.  The Centre will be publishing details of this in the near future.  The reason for this is it is unfair that some players have ‘two bites of the cherry’.

Sadly 2 of our former members passed away recently – Jim Henwood and Joe McCormack.

Joan Porter, one of our Life Members, turns 99 this Saturday.  We wish her a very Happy Birthday.  (That will be a lot of candles to blow out!)

Do come along on Thursday nights to our Club Night – it’s too easy to stay at home in the warm but it is also good to come along and socialise.


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Petone Central Bowling Club came into being in June 2008 as a result of the merger between two former Clubs — the Petone Bowling Club and the Central Bowling Club. Both Clubs were well established in the Petone area with the Petone Bowling Club being inaugurated in 1897 and the Central Bowling Club in 1917.

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