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June 2018 Newsletter

Winter League:  We have now successfully held several galas and to date the weather has been very cooperative!  We are very pleased with the interest in participating in these from other clubs.  Our next Gala is Sunday 1st July.

The 11th Annual General Meeting & Annual Prize Giving was held on 24 June.

Our President, Chris Carter; Vice President, Sandy Booth; Secretary, Glenda Grant; Treasurer, John O’Brien were all re-elected unopposed.  Also elected for a further ‘term of duty’ were Chris Robson, Bruce Hollow, and Carole Bartlett.  Nominations for another committee member resulted in two nominations – Doug Parker and Hugh Wood.  Both nominations were accepted and we now have 5 committee members.

Other appointments confirmed were: Green Superintendent – Bruce Hollow; Match Committee (Men & Women)- Robyn Carter, Dave Goodey, Brendan Nye, Lynda Stevens (there is a maximum of 6 for our match committee though we have run with 4 for several seasons); Midweek Match Committee – L Stevens (at least 1 more is required); Interclub/Weekend Selector (Men) – Dave Goodey; Interclub/Weekend Selector (Women) – Debbie Hanna; Pennants/Mid week Selector (Men) – G Murphy/Byron Iles; Pennants Selector (Women) – Chris Robson/Val Fitzmaurice; Delegate to the Centre (Executive to make appointment); and Reviewer – TAGS.

Subscriptions were approved for the 1018-19 season – a slight increase from previous years as follows:

Full playing member                    $200.00 GST incl.   reduced to $190 if paid by end of September

Midweek member                        $95.00 GST incl.    no rebate applies

Student Membership                   $60.00 GST incl.    no rebate applies

Social Membership                     $40.00 GST incl.    no rebate applies

Associate Member                      $60.00 GST incl.    no rebate applies

Casual Member*                         $60.00 GST incl.    no rebate applies

*This is a new category coming into effect this season.

Mr Carter outlined to the meeting that we are looking to introduce a category “CASUAL PLAYING” that would enable our new “I would like to try bowls” members the benefits of social membership, ongoing pavilion (club house) entry and a card to save signing in on every visit, and restricted non-competitive access to the greens.  Members present supported this new category.

Are you interested in becoming an Umpire?  Please see notice on the Noticeboard for a new course commencing end of July.

New Life Member – Sharon Brooking proposed that Yvonne Horsley be elected a Life Member, a vote was taken and Yvonne has duly been appointed a Life Member of the Club.

At the conclusion of the AGM a Happy Hour was held followed by a very nice light luncheon enjoyed by members present (many thanks to Sandy, Carole and helpers).

We then proceeded to the prize giving and a full list of prize winners will be put on the noticeboard this weekend.  Congratulations to all winners and runners up.  Special congratulations to Robyn who was named Club Person of the Year.

It is our 10th birthday this month.  Come along to Club Night and celebrate the milestone.

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Petone Central Bowling Club came into being in June 2008 as a result of the merger between two former Clubs — the Petone Bowling Club and the Central Bowling Club. Both Clubs were well established in the Petone area with the Petone Bowling Club being inaugurated in 1897 and the Central Bowling Club in 1917.

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