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November 2017 Newsletter

Centre Fours were held last weekend.  We had 3 women’s teams and two men’s teams entered.  Only one women’s team qualified – Sandy Booth (S), Lynda Stevens, Robyn Carter and Sharon Brooking.  They went through to the semi final but sadly did not progress through to the final.  We are all very proud of their achievement and they wish to thank everyone at the Club for the support they received during the weekend.  Well done ladies!!!

Great progress is being made on Green 1.  The weather has been so good there have been no weather delays which is marvellous.  If everything continues going to schedule we will soon be out playing on it.

There will be 1 Round of Interclub on Saturday, 2 December.  The Men’s Premier Reserve S2 are away to Whitby; Division 3 are away to Wainuiomata and the Quad are away to Eastbourne.  The Women’s Premier are away to Hutt; Premier Reserve Section 2 are away to Naenae.  The Women’s Premier Reserve Section 1 team have now completed all their games and finished in 2nd place.  Good bowling to all our teams.

December 16th is the last round of Interclub.

As Mark (caterer) is away there will be no lunches available at the Club this weekend.

The Men’s Thistle Triples was held last Friday.  By all accounts it was a very successful and enjoyable day.

It was nice to see Loughie Prendergast at the Club last Thursday – he came down to participate in the Thistle Triples.

Men’s Pennants were held on 29 November.  Our Division 2 team lost to Upper Hutt and our Division 3 team won against Upper Hutt.  The next rounds of Women’s pennants are on 7 December.

From the Match Committee – On Saturday 2 December, after Interclub, the Women’s Pairs will start (hopefully at 12.30 pm).  Men will play their first round after that.  On Saturday afternoon there will be 3 rinks on which the men could progressively start their pairs at 12.30 pm.  On Sunday, 3 December, the women will start their pairs at 8.30 am and will play 2 rounds.  The Men’s final of the Championship Fours will be played at 9.30 am.  The Men’s pairs will start at 1.00 pm.  The Women’s Fours final will be played at 2.00 pm.  If you have any queries/questions speak to the Match Committee.

Only having 1 green to get these fixtures played is a ‘nightmare’ for the Match Committee.  Please respect and cooperate with their decisions.

Don’t forget the importance of sun block and hats when playing bowls (actually wherever outside during the summer months in particular) – it is recommended you do this even on overcast days as there are still rays which can cause skin cancers etc.  Also keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, water or juice.

Entries for the Centre Open Pairs closed this week.  We have 2 men’s teams entered (Paddy Breslin/Paul Terry; Chris Carter/Murray Yaxley).  There are 7 women’s teams entered (Jean Goodey/Kaye Wong; Bev Smith/Marie Yaxley; Robyn Carter/Sharon Brooking; Chris Robson/Lynda Stevens; Sandy Booth/Marilyn Gutschlag; Patricia Wishnowsky/Debbie Hanna; Dawn Cooper/Jane Henderson).  These will be played on the 9th, 10th and 11th December.

We are into the Xmas Corporate events held at our Club.  Please watch the whiteboard in the Club to see when these events are to be played and put your name down to assist whenever possible.

On 27 & 28 November we had 3 women’s teams in the Tawa Women’s Over 60’s gala.  We all came home with prizes which was great.  Two of our teams were in Section 2 – Judy Adams, Bev Smith, Val Fitzmaurice and Shirley House who won the Section having had 5 wins and 1 draw; our second team – Sandra Prichard, Yvonne Horsley, Marie Yaxley and Margaret Connolly were runners up having had 5 wins and 1 loss.  The team in Section 1 were Patricia Wishnowsky, Sharon Brooking, Dawn Cooper and Gerry Wakefield.  Going into the second day they were in the lead but unfortunately did not do quite so well on day 2.  However, they did win the green prize on day 1.

Don’t forget about our Xmas Raffle which Marilyn Gutschlag is running for the Club.  Donations are to be left in the basket under the whiteboard at the western end of the Clubrooms.  We have had a good response to date but would like some more donations from members.

Remember our sponsors – all named in the handbook and in the clubrooms above the Bar.  We really appreciate their sponsorship and recommend Club members to use their services wherever possible.


Responsibilities in a Bowls team (I heard this out at Tawa so thought I’d share it with you):

The Skip – must be up; The Three – measures up; The Two – chalks up; The Lead – should ‘shut up’

Some rugby quotes:

  • The kick was absolutely unique, except for the one before it which was identical. (Tony Brown)
  • To Princess Anne’s son Peter Phillips, Gordonstoun School’s rugby captain, for his pre-match coin-toss preference “Grandmother or tails, sir?” (Anon rugby referee (1995)
  • Ballroom dancing is a contact sport, Rugby is a collision sport. (Bulls coach Heyneke Meyer)
  • On trying to stop Phill Horrocks-Taylor: “Every time I went to tackle him, Horrocks went one way, Taylor went the other, and all I got was the bloody hyphen.” (Nick England)
  • “You guys line up alphabetically by height” and “You guys pair up in groups of three, then line up in a circle. (Hurricanes head coach Colin Cooper)
  • “I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father.” (Tana Umaga narrows down his parents!)


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Petone Central Bowling Club came into being in June 2008 as a result of the merger between two former Clubs — the Petone Bowling Club and the Central Bowling Club. Both Clubs were well established in the Petone area with the Petone Bowling Club being inaugurated in 1897 and the Central Bowling Club in 1917.

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