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September 2018

Well the 2018-2019 season is now under way.  Over all we have been lucky with the weather for our events.  Let’s hope this continues.

A recap of events over September:

Opening Day:  Presentation of life membership badges; the first jack and bowl for the season were delivered by Tom Carroll and Joan Porter followed by disc draws.

The last of our very successful winter Pak’n Save Galas was held.

Women’s Hutt Valley Cup & Bowl were held on 22 September.  Our teams in the Valley Cup came first overall so very well done to them all.  Our teams in the Valley Bowl did not fare so well.

The Men’s Gough Shield & Hutt Valley Banner were held on Saturday, 29 September.  Unfortunately our Club did not feature in the winners.

Semi finals/finals of the Club’s mixed fours were held – the semi final between Paddy, Debbie, Lorraine & Jim (replacement for Gerry McKay), playing Chris, Ken, Dawn, & Robyn with Chris’ team winning and going through to meet Jane Henderson’s team – Jane, John, Batts, & Hugh.  Chris Carter’s team were the ultimate winners.  Well done to all participants.

Our Handbooks – unfortunately there are a number of errors in it.  A list of amendments is under way and will be put on the notice board.

The Umpires Gala – 12th October – see flyer on notice board.  This is not just for umpires but for all bowlers.  This is their major fundraising event for the season with money raised being used to support courses and provide support to new umpires.  Entries close Monday 8th October.  Please support this Gala if you can.

The first round of Interclub starts tomorrow; team selections have been made and are up on the Noticeboard.  Mens Premier Reserve are at Miramar, Divison 3 at Upper Hutt, Quad at Tawa Services.  Women’s Premier are at Tawa, Premier Reserve at home to Titahi Bay 1.  Women’s teams are selected on a rotation basis this season.  All members must wear club shirts and the same coloured trousers (not a mixture of navy or white).

Sets of decals will be available on the table outside the office.

Important:  All playing members please note that the laws of the game need to be adhered to even when playing in a disc draw and championships at the club especially now that the main season is underway.  Also when playing in games arranged by the Centre – eg Pennants, Interclub, and other Centre events, all the team players must either have decals or no decals.  As we have new players and some players have changed bowls we need to be co-ordinated if the TEAM (pairs, triples, fours, singles) are to either have decals or no decals.  The law states – all bowls belonging to players within a team or side must have these markings on them and the markings must all be the same design colour and ONLY ONE decal per bowl (i.e cannot put a new decal over another decal).  Also In all games, each player must play with the appropriate number of bowls from the same set and these cannot be changed during the game (unless a bowl is damaged) If a damaged bowl cannot be replaced by another bowl from the same set, all bowls in the damaged set must be replaced with bowls from a different set.

Our Umpires – Peggy O’Neil, Chris Robson and Kaye Wong have all the information on these laws – if unsure ask them.  All Centre events have Umpires and they have the right to remove a bowl if it has not been played according to the law.

There will be 1 round of Championship Fours Saturday afternoon (6th October) and 2 rounds on Sunday.  The draws for these championship events are on the noticeboard.

Entries for the Centre Mixed Pairs entries close on 8 October (we have 5 entries to date).  Also closing on 29th October is the Women’s Prestige Pairs.

From 1st October your 2017-2018 Membership card expired.  You have to be financial to be eligible to play in Interclub and Championships.

Petrol money – with the ever increasing cost of petrol it is important if car pooling to travel to other venues events that the driver is given petrol money.  We suggest $3 to local destinations and $4-$5 for destinations further afield.

Community League bowls starts on Nov 8th through to Dec 6th 2018, then Jan 31st through to Feb 28th making for a total of 10 nights.

The Women’s Locker Room Tidy Up.  All old bowls/bowling bags which are unidentified are in the corner between the sofa and mirror.  Any unclaimed bags/bowls will be disposed of at the end of play on this Sunday.

We have a Corporate Function being held at the Club on 12th October at 6.00 pm.  We would like at least 3 club members to assist with this – ie show the guests how to hold the bowl and deliver it etc. – you would be required for ½ hour – 1 hour maximum.  If you can assist please put your name on the list which is on the main whiteboard.  These events are important to the Club as a source of income and also to introduce people to the game of bowls.

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Petone Central Bowling Club came into being in June 2008 as a result of the merger between two former Clubs — the Petone Bowling Club and the Central Bowling Club. Both Clubs were well established in the Petone area with the Petone Bowling Club being inaugurated in 1897 and the Central Bowling Club in 1917.

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