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What’s Been and What’s on as at 19 February

Covid 19: After a short time in Level 2 we are back at Level 1.  This time back at Level 2 should be treated as a wake-up call and reminder to be vigilant.  Please continue signing in and using the sanitizers.  When we see and hear what is happening overseas and now in New Zealand, this is now more important than ever.  It only takes a minute to use the APP or to sign in!

Championship Singles – the Women played their final on Saturday afternoon.  Congratulations to Jean Goodey for winning and to Christine Robson on reaching the final.  On Sunday the Men continued their Singles and have now reached the semi-finals/finals which will be played this Saturday.

Juniors: It’s time to get ready for the Gibbons Trophy (Triples) – 28th February.  With the McArthur Henry completed we are now looking at teams for the Gibbons Triples.  A reminder to our Juniors that the final coaching/trial for this is on next Wednesday, 24th Feb at 6pm. Teams for Gibbons Trophy will then be announced.

Teams for last game of 3five both Junior and Open at Silverstream are on the Board.

Gee Shield. The next round was scheduled for 15 February but due to the move to Covid 19 Level 2 it was postponed to the cancellation date, 22 February.

Thursday Club nights – Raffles and the lucky Lotto Bonus number have also restarted.  Please support these.

Bambery/Janet Lynch Trophy matches – 24 February.  The Teams have been announced and we have several women selected in the Janet Lynch – Sandra Prichard, Sharon Brooking, Pops Grobbelaar, Patricia Wishnowsky, Sheryl Young, Christine Robson, Val Fitzmaurice, Jean Goodey and Bev Smith; but only one man in the Bambery – Ken Adam.  Congratulations to all those who have been selected.  Play for Women is at Massey Avenue and the Men at Wainuiomata.

Masters – 8 & 9 March.  The following have been selected to play in the Hutt Valley team for this event: Christine Robson (Singles), Val Fitzmaurice (Triples), Patricia Wishnowsky (Fours).  These games are being played at Silverstream – supporters welcome!  Sadly, no Men from our Club were Selected for the Men’s Masters.

Champion of Champion events: The first event is The Triples on 6th March to be played at Island Bay.  Our teams are – Women: Kaye Wong (S), Sharon Brooking, Glenda Grant.  Men: Paul Burns (S), David Cate, John Flutey.  This year the Centre are running these events with 1 day of play and then Semi Finals/Finals of each discipline will be held on a Finals weekend – 24th & 25th April at Naenae.

Keep your eyes on the corporate functions board. There are already several dates coming up.  Volunteers are needed for these – if you can assist please put your name down beside the event. AsureQuality held their Corporate function last Friday night from 5:30 to approx. 8pm. Special thanks to Bazza and Sandy Booth for bar service and to the helpers on the green. An email was sent to AsureQuality on Monday morning thanking them for using our club and a reply was received thanking the club for their services and look forward to holding a similar event next year!

We are currently updating our Website.  Constructive ideas from members on the website would be appreciated.  Please let either Glenda or Yvonne know of any ideas.

Photos of championship winners with the Cup.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get photos taken on finals day for some championships.  We would like the winning teams (and, if possible, the runners up teams) to either come in their Club uniforms or bring them with you sometime soon, and get your photos taken.  Skips – could you perhaps organize this?  If it can’t be done prior to the Champion of Champions events maybe we could at least get photos of the winners in their uniform with the Cup.

Green 1:  It has been brought to our notice that the turf green had several imperfections in the surface so Chris Carter organised a Tiger Turf consultant to attend an on-site meeting with us for a professional opinion.  The results have now been provided with a quote for the repairs.  These results are proof that “Dumping” of bowls on our relatively new surface creates indents and cracks and breaks down the hard surface below the turf itself resulting in major damage.  To repair the damage created by the continued dumping of bowls is $24.749.00+GST ($28,461.00).  The management at this moment has decided that the damage has already been done and that yes it may get worse in the foreseeable future, but it would be far wiser to begin an education program for members and visitors to reduce the number of people dumping.  If we can significantly reduce the amount of this type of behaviour, when we do have to have the repairs done we may get a more extended life expectancy out of our investment.  (It is only 3 years old and we cannot afford to have it repaired every 3 years!)

Management will re-assess this issue again in twelve months’ time once our chiller facility has been up-dated.

TBI Health Bowls Wellington Veterans Fours Tournament – to be played on Wednesday, 24 March – Women’s venue to be advised – Men at Island Bay – Entries close 8 March – Limited to Women 16 teams, Men 32 teams.

Thank you to those members who have provided some constructive suggestions through ‘posting’ them in the Treasurer’s box.  If anyone else has suggestion(s) please put them in writing.  They must be signed.

Season Review – As with last year a season review will take place shortly where individuals or clubs can put forward constructive suggestions on changes. These need to be well thought out before submitting to Bowls Wellington.  Members, please consider if there is anything you wish to put forward.

Etiquette is about the customs and rules that govern social interaction within any specific environment.  For bowlers it is about behaviour on the green and in and around the club.  Following on from last week, below are some further guidelines/issues:

  • When ready to bowl check the next rink to see if another member is ready to bowl, so that your bowls don’t collide.
  • Do not encroach on an adjoining rink when delivering your bowl.
  • Do not talk when another bowler is about to bowl.
  • Show a good spirit – win well and lose well.

Community League.  This commenced last Thursday and goes through to the end of March.  We had a very successful first outing for the teams, which consisted of 12 teams who have played over the last few years, plus 4 new teams who have not played bowls before.  It is really nice to see that the competition this year will be run in two separate divisions – one for ‘experienced players’ and one for the ‘novices’.


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Petone Central Bowling Club came into being in June 2008 as a result of the merger between two former Clubs — the Petone Bowling Club and the Central Bowling Club. Both Clubs were well established in the Petone area with the Petone Bowling Club being inaugurated in 1897 and the Central Bowling Club in 1917.

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