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What’s Been and What’s on as at 26 February

Covid 19: Please continue signing in and using the sanitizers.  When we see and hear what is happening overseas and now in New Zealand, this is now more important than ever.  It only takes a minute to use the APP or to sign in!

Championship Singles – the Men played the semi-finals and final last Saturday.  Congratulations to Chris Carter on his Win and well done to David Cate for reaching the final.

Juniors: Gibbons Trophy (Triples) – 28th February.  Teams have been selected and we wish them good bowling and good luck on Sunday.  This is being held at Hutt and commences 9.00 am.  Our teams are: Lorraine Hollow, Dave Grant and Glenda Grant; Peter Atkinson, Jim O’Brien Jayden Burns.  Travelling reserves are Natasha Maraku and Merrell Ferguson.  This Saturday we are running a gala event around our juniors. We need two more mixed teams of seniors and four more juniors.  Games to be two games of two bowl triples, two games of 2x4x2 and two games of junior singles. If you can play – entries on board and will close at eight in each event.

Gee Shield.  2 rounds were played on Monday and the team had 2 wins.  Well done!  The final round will be played next Monday, 1 March at Naenae where we will play Silverstream.  We are currently first equal with Naenae.  The team is Christine, Yvonne, Peggy & Shirley.

Thursday Club nights – Raffles and the lucky Lotto Bonus – please come along and support these and have a catch up with other members.

The Bambery/Janet Lynch Trophy matches were held on 24 February.  Congratulations to the Hutt Women who were the winners this year for the Janet Lynch.  The men had a draw this year for The Bambery Trophy but Wellington won on differential.  Thanks to Heather & John for their support.

Masters – 8 & 9 March.  The following have been selected to play in the Hutt Valley team for this event: Christine Robson (Singles), Val Fitzmaurice (Triples), Patricia Wishnowsky (Fours).  These games are being played at Silverstream – supporters welcome!  Sadly, no Men from our Club were Selected for the Men’s Masters.  We wish our players and their teams good bowling/good luck.

Champion of Champion events:

The first event is The Triples on 6th March to be played at Island Bay.  Our teams are – Women: Kaye Wong (S), Sharon Brooking, Glenda Grant.  Men: Paul Burns (S), David Cate, John Flutey.  Women play Wainuiomata and the Men play Miramar.  Lunches are available.   [Can someone please take a photo of our teams – albeit without the cup – unless they all come back to the Club and we can get one taken then]

The second event is Singles on 7th March – the Men are at Tawa and the Women at Upper Hutt.  Chris will play Silverstream and Jean will play Massey Avenue.  They both have byes into the second round.  Lunches available at both venues.

Good bowling/good luck to our Club teams.  Please support them if you are able to.

N.B. This year the Centre are running these events with 1 day of play and then Semi Finals/Finals of each discipline will be held on a Finals weekend – 24th & 25th April at Naenae.

There will be disc draws this weekend.

We apologise for the mistake in our Club programme for 6th and 7th March where Champion of Champion Triples appears both days – whoops.

Keep your eyes on the corporate functions board. There are already several dates coming up.  Volunteers are needed for these – if you can assist please put your name down beside the event.  There is an event tonight 5.00 – 8.00.  No helpers have their name up so far!

Green 1:  It has been brought to our notice that the turf green had several imperfections in the surface so Chris Carter organised a Tiger Turf consultant to attend an on-site meeting with us for a professional opinion.  The results have now been provided with a quote for the repairs.  These results are proof that “Dumping” of bowls on our relatively new surface creates indents and cracks and breaks down the hard surface below the turf itself resulting in major damage.  To repair the damage created by the continued dumping of bowls is $24.749.00+GST ($28,461.00).  The management at this moment has decided that the damage has already been done and that yes it may get worse in the foreseeable future, but it would be far wiser to begin an education program for members and visitors to reduce the number of people dumping.  If we can significantly reduce the amount of this type of behaviour, when we do have to have the repairs done we may get a more extended life expectancy out of our investment.  (It is only 3 years old and we cannot afford to have it repaired every 3 years!).  Management will re-assess this issue again in twelve months’ time once our chiller facility has been up-dated.

TBI Health Bowls Wellington Veterans Fours Tournament – to be played on Wednesday, 24 March – Women’s venue to be advised – Men at Island Bay – Entries close 8 March – Limited to Women 16 teams, Men 32 teams.

Season Review – As with last year a season review will take place shortly where individuals or clubs can put forward constructive suggestions on changes. These need to be well thought out before submitting to Bowls Wellington.  Members, please consider if there is anything you wish to put forward.

Many thanks to Dennis & Ken for painting the fences on our Eastern boundary.  What an improvement!

Our South Street neighbour, Bob McWhirter, has very kindly donated $500 worth of vouchers to the Club as appreciation for the men working on his building site being able to use the toilet facilities.  The Executive will work out what they will be used for.

Etiquette is about the customs and rules that govern social interaction within any specific environment.  For bowlers it is about behaviour on the green and in and around the club.  Following on from last week, below are some further guidelines/issues:

  1. Hand the jack to the opposing lead when he/she has placed the mat and have their first bowl ready to hand to them. This friendly gesture sets the tone for the game.
  2. All players should have their next bowl in their hand by the time the opposing player has delivered their bowl. Scrambling around searching for your bowl is not acceptable, especially in a time game.
  3. All players should stay stationary and quiet behind the player delivering the bowl so as not to affect their concentration.
  4. No bowls should be touched or moved until the end is declared and then everyone help return the bowls to behind the mat.

Community League.  Two ‘rounds’ have been completed.  Many thanks again to our Club members for assistance provided.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t any play this Thursday because of the rain.

Trivia: (some NZ trivia this time)

  • There are 9 sheep per each person in New Zealand, making it the highest ratio in the world.
  • At the time the above was research, there were just 4.8 million New Zealanders, scattered across 268,021 sq km, which means there are over 43 million sheep in New Zealand!
  • New Zealand is bigger than the UK, yet it has one-fourteenth of its human population.
  • New Zealand broadcasted the first weather report in Elvish language in 2012. Of course they would, they are home to the Lord of the Rings movies!
  • With more than 400, New Zealand has more golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the world.


  • Is it OK to pull the bag of wine out of the box and stab a straw in it like it’s a giant adult Capri Sun – Just asking for a friend!
  • If you can’t think of a word just say ‘I forgot the English word for it’. That way people will think your bilingual instead of an idiot.
  • Which letter is silent in the word “Scent” – the S or the C?
  • Every time you clean something you just make something else dirty.

 Words of Wisdom

Today you could be standing next to someone who is trying their best not to fall apart, so whatever you do today, do it with kindness.

 Don’t forget to support our sponsors.  Support those who support us!  Also, if you do use the services of our sponsors please let them know you are from Petone Central Bowling Club.


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