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The Village Green — August 2019 Newsletter

31st August is the big day – Opening Day – have you got it marked on your calendar/diary? Disc draw 1.00pm (discs in by 12.30 pm). In the unlikely event the weather forecast for Saturday is wrong and it is wet we will have a 3.00 pm start.

Just a reminder too that our Championship Fours commence on Saturday & Sunday, 7 & 8 September – 3 rounds per day. Team entries are on the noticeboard and entries close on 31 August. If you are not in a team but would like to play, put your name on the bottom and maybe someone will be looking for a fourth person in their team or perhaps a team can be made up from those available.

A reminder – we will have caterers in the kitchen on Interclub Days where 2 rounds are being played and also for Championship days as well as some other events as they occur.

The Handbook is now available in the Clubrooms. If you haven’t yet picked up a copy please do so.

Amendments to be made to your Handbook:

  • Page 21 under Women’s Pennants – November 3rd should actually be November 28th.
  • Page 43 – Sandra Prichard’s telephone number should be 909 9507.

Some of our members have been in again during the past week weeding the gardens, painting the shelters at the end of Green 2 and other pieces around the Club. Many thanks for your efforts.

As we will be officially opened next week will be the commencement of points for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday disc draws.

This Sunday, 1 September, the last Karen Kylie Ray White Gala will be played.

We have been reminding everyone of the lists for pennants, interclub, Gough Banner & Shield (men), Valley Cup & Bowl (women) over the past few weeks. The Club has to get our entries in by 31 August so if you want to be up for selection please make sure you get your names on the appropriate lists.

Another list on the noticeboard is the Bowls 3-5 competition. We would like to enter a team in this competition and will need 9 players. This event will be played on a week night over several weeks. It will be 2 bowl Triples. If you are interested please put your name on the list. We have some names on the board already but need a few more.

The list is also up for Gee Shield for women.

It appears we are going to have several new members join us this season which is great. We are sure you will all make them feel welcome and please assist them find their way around the Club where necessary.

There has been a steady response to paying subscriptions – great – many thanks for those who have paid up already. Subscriptions are to be paid by 30 September. If you wish to pay off your subscription please let John O’Brien know. Envelopes are available in front of the Treasurers Box for your subscription. Please make sure you put your name and membership category on the front. Internet Banking is also available – our ANZ account number is 06 0545 0321955 00. Be sure that your name, initials and membership category are included so that it will appear on the Club’s statement. The name of the account is Petone Central Bowling Club.

As we are opening earlier than normal this season (31 August) we may have people playing championships who are unfinancial. Usually you have to be financial to participate in Championships. This season you will not be penalised, however subscriptions must be paid by 30 September. If you are unfinancial after that date you will be disqualified and your team will need to find a substitute or the team will also be disqualified.

Decals. We are getting a supply of them soon – we already have several sets available for members to use. An unofficial survey of some members at the club recently showed that women mainly want to use decals but men are not so keen. Whilst it is optional we must remind you that if you are playing in any competition the whole team must either have decals on their bowls or not have them. Also it is ‘illegal’ to have decals on only one side of your bowls.

Over the next few weeks if time and space allow we will put a few reminders into this mail-out on etiquette etc on the green. The first one is:

Whilst you are delivering your bowl your team has possession of the rink. As soon as your bowl comes to a rest the opposition team have possession of the rink and all your team members must move away from the head. When all bowls have been delivered and the end is being declared the scorer/measurers must decide which team has the winning shot/s. You must not take your own shot bowls out – they must be taken out by the opposition player. If more than 1 bowl is involved please put the bowls taken out onto a cloth to avoid any confusion.

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Petone Central Bowling Club came into being in June 2008 as a result of the merger between two former Clubs — the Petone Bowling Club and the Central Bowling Club. Both Clubs were well established in the Petone area with the Petone Bowling Club being inaugurated in 1897 and the Central Bowling Club in 1917.

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