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The Village Green — July 2019 Newsletter

Well folks time is marching on and before we know it, it will be time for the commencement of competitions for the 2019-2020 season. Opening day is 31 August!

As a result of the Tournament Review findings some changes have been made, namely:

Interclub formats – Interclub will be predominantly double headers played home and away (not hubs). Divisions will be labelled Premier, followed by Div 1, 2 3 etc. Top 4 play off for the Premier grade will remain with this being held at the club who won the minor premiership. Promotion/relegation will be automatic one up/one down unless the ‘to be promoted’ club can’t move due to already having a team in that division, in which case the next placed team will have a chance to play off against the ‘to be relegated team’ to decide who is promoted/relegated. This will go as far down as the 4th placed team in the division.

Quad – Any combo does mean any combo and can be all women, all men or mixed gender.

Other Matters:

Interclub & Pennants – – lists are on the noticeboard for you to add your name to if you wish to participate in them this season. The first round of Interclub is on 12 October and you must be financial to participate.

Gough Banner & Shield (Men) on 28 September and Valley Cup and Bowl (Women) on 21 September – there are lists on the board for you to add your name to if you would like to be considered for selection in these events.

Champ of Champs: Clubs are responsible for ensuring that their members only play COC events at one club. Bowlers who compete at multiple clubs will not be eligible to progress to the finals – see the paragraph re Dual Membership below. Home club and affiliated clubs are responsible and expected to do their due diligence – it is the responsibility of all players who enter that in the case of winning the player is available to play in the relevant Champion of Champion event.

Dual Membership: A timely reminder of the Regulation applying to dual membership. Members are still eligible to play for 2 Clubs and can play for either in Centre Open events or Interclub, but cannot play the same club championship at both, but can play different championships for different clubs, i.e. you can play Singles at Club B but therefore not at Club A – the same ruling applies to Pairs, Triples or Fours. Please let Sheryl or Yvonne know if you have Dual Membership with another Club.

In my June Newsletter I advised that all members of the Match Committee were standing again for this season. That is correct but they have also been joined by Hugh Woods. We are so lucky to have 5 members making themselves available for this busy and challenging role. It is a nightmare for our poor Match Committee trying to fit our competitions around all the events – National and Regional – which have been scheduled for this coming season.

Championship fours commence 7 September team lists are on the noticeboard so get your teams organised and listed. It’s time so get the bowls gear out from the back of the wardrobe and be ready to play. As we are starting earlier than normal we may have people playing who are unfinancial. Subscriptions must be paid prior to October. If you are unfinancial after 30 September you will be disqualified and your team will need to find a substitute or the team will also be disqualified. Entries close 31 August.

If you need to pay your subscription by instalments please let Chris Carter know (in the absence of John O’Brien). However, you will need to have it fully paid by end of September.

Gee Shield: Sharon Brooking and Yvonne, who have made themselves available as Selectors/ Coordinators for our Club, attended the recent Gee Shield AGM. As a result of fewer clubs having enough members available to play in Gee Shield (the demise of the Wainuiomata Women’s Section; lack of midweek members at Eastbourne and also Stokes Valley (who will be struggling to get a team together), it has been decided that Gee Shield will revert back to a fours competition with only one team participating from each Club on each scheduled date. The team will play a morning and afternoon game. Incidentally, Gee Shield has now been running for 70 years!

Phew let’s hope that’s all the changes we will face this coming season!

Once again, our winter league Karen Kiely Ray White Gala held on 7th July was a great success with the weather playing its part. Winners were – Ron Scott’s team from Rymans, first; Paul Terry’s team second; Graham Henderson’s team third. The next Gala will be held this Sunday, 28th and once again we have a full green. Further galas are on 4 August, 25 August and the last gala on 1 September.

On a sad note we have had a bereavement of a former Central Member, Bev Brosnahan (probably known as Bev White to a lot of former Central members). Bev was also the late Lynda Strutton’s mother.

Subscriptions for the 2019-2020 season can now be paid. There was no increase to any subscriptions this season so if you have forgotten what they were just check on your old handbook (page 9).

As preparation for the Handbook is now well under way if any of you intend changing your membership status please inform either Sheryl Young or Yvonne Horsley. Also if you weren’t at the AGM and have changed your contact details (phone, cellphone, email) we’d appreciate you letting us know. We have email addresses for a lot of members but not all – if you have an email address please let us know and you will (unless you let us know you don’t want to receive them) receive the weekly mailouts during the season and the monthly newsletter to keep you right up to date with what is happening at the Club. We respect your privacy and therefore send ‘blind’ copies of emails so no-one else sees your personal email address.

Also on the noticeboard in the Club is a list of people who wish to be advised by cellphone of any cancellations or postponements of events on the day, so please add your name to it if you’d like to receive a text advice.

Working Bee

This is being scheduled for the weekend of 10 & 11 August and it would be appreciated if as many members as possible assist with this. The main outside area will be Green 2 – the surrounds; maintenance to the shelters – (waterblasting, painting them if this proves to be required), laying carpet in the ditches and putting the stones in) plus any other general maintenance work which is required. As the saying goes ‘many hands make light work’.

At the same time for those members who cannot do the physical outside work how about coming along anyway and assisting inside when we can have a working bee in the Clubrooms to complement the cleaning done by Dawn – ie giving the kitchen a spring clean and generally tidying up various things around the Clubrooms such as cleaning windows, carpets, tidying up locker rooms etc.

We will likely have a sausage sizzle at lunch times.

A lot of you will remember that this time last year we celebrated the 100th birthday of our Life Member, Joan Porter. Well the year has rolled around and on 29th Joan will turn 101. What a milestone! Have a good birthday Joan!

Don’t forget to use our sponsors wherever/whenever you can. Support those who support us.


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Petone Central Bowling Club came into being in June 2008 as a result of the merger between two former Clubs — the Petone Bowling Club and the Central Bowling Club. Both Clubs were well established in the Petone area with the Petone Bowling Club being inaugurated in 1897 and the Central Bowling Club in 1917.

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