Petone Central Bowling Club

The Village Green — November 2019

Round 5 of Men’s Pennants Results this week Division 2 had 1 win and 1 loss; Division 1 had 2 losses.

Women’s Pennants Results – Premier had 2 wins; Division 1 1 win and 1 loss (both with bonuses); Division 2 1 win and 1 loss with 1 bonus; Division 3 1 win and 1 loss.

Interclub Rounds 8 and 9 as well as catch up games are being played this weekend. Women: Premier AM away to Naenae; PM away to Johnsonville. Division 2 (catch up games) – AM at home to Whitby; PM away to Upper Hutt – these are the last games in their competition. Men: Sevens – Division 2 AM are home to Tawa; PM at home to Plimmerton. Eights Division 2 – AM away to Upper Hutt 1 and PM away to Upper Hutt 2. Any Combo Quad away to Plimmerton (a catch-up game) for the last round in their competition.

Centre Fours – we had 2 of our Women’s teams qualify. Sandra Prichard’s team received a bye into the second round – which was actually the quarter finals – whilst Patricia Wishnowsky’s team had to do the early morning start. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts neither team progressed further but well done anyway ladies!

Junior Singles – women are playing this Saturday with games between Glenda, Lorraine and Merrell. Good bowling ladies.

Thistle Triples are being held today. With a full green of bowlers; it will be a very busy day at the Club. This tournament is always a success and many thanks to all the helpers with this event.

We now have a new Fridge in the Hall (just inside the folding doors) for members to put lunches, meat raffle prizes in etc. The reason for this is that when we have caterers at the Club no member is allowed into the kitchen as this contravenes our food licence – only the caterers can be in the kitchen – this ruling also means that dirty dishes cannot be taken into the kitchen but must be placed for the caterers to deal with. Also please note – no food is to be put in the bar fridges. Anyone wishing to heat food up in a microwave will need to use the one in the bar.

Centre Open Pairs entries closed 25 November – We have the following teams entered – Men Ken Adam/Chris Carter; Dave Goodey/Kevin Gutschlag; Hugh Woods/Byron Iles; Women Sharon Brooking/Robyn Carter; Sandra Prichard/Sharon Nixon; Val Fitzmaurice/ Lynda Stevens, Chris Robson/Sheryl Young; Glenda Grant/Lorraine Hollow; Patricia Wishnowsky/Debbie Hanna; Marilyn Gutschlag/Pops Grobbelaar;

Corporate functions: Bookings to date are on the whiteboard in the clubrooms but in case you haven’t seen them we have bookings for this evening 5.30 – 9.00 pm (20-30 people); 2 bookings on 6 December – 2.00 – 6.00 pm (13-15 people), 1.00 – 7.00 pm (35-40 people) – if you can assist on any of these dates/times please put your name in the appropriate box. These are a good fund raiser for the Club and we really need club members support – if we don’t get helpers these events cannot take place. For those of you who have not assisted in the past, we need bar staff and also need members to be on each rink to assist with showing them the right bias and delivery of the bowls and assist as required with anything else. You would need to be available for approximately 1 – 1½ hours. (It is also a good way that these Corporate visitors find out about the game of lawn bowls and could result in some more bowlers in the future.)

Other events during the month:

Women’s Diamond Buttons – well done to Chris Robson/Sheryl Young on winning the challenge. The Diamond Buttons are now with us and our first challenger is Plimmerton Bowling Club to be played next Tuesday, 3 December (weather permitting!). If weather is bad it will be held on Wednesday, 4th. Do come along and support Chris and Lynda if you can – start time 10.00 am.

Men’s Diamond Buckles – Byron Iles and Jim O’Brien played this recently against Hutt but unfortunately lost their game.

Tawa Women’s Fours 2-day Gala. We had 3 teams in this. Unfortunately, none of us were the winners but one team – Patricia Wishnowsky’s team got a lucky green prize.

The last Gee Shield games for 2019 were played. Currently we are running first equal. The next round is not until February next year.

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