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The Village Green — September 2019 Newsletter

Reminder: ‘BLUE SEPTEMBER’ function (raising funds to help fight prostate cancer) being organized by Karen Kiely on Friday, 27th September in conjunction with the Club.  Being held tonight. Ticket sales are still open.

Two women’s teams are playing their last round of the Championship Fours tomorrow, however one game is still to be played by arrangement. Players must wear their Club uniform for all championship games whether they are played by arrangement or on scheduled dates.

Last Saturday the women played the Valley Cup & Bowl at Silverstream. We had perfect weather and apart from getting used to playing on grass greens after playing on our carpet green conditions, the greens were great. Our teams in the Cup comprising a Pair, a Four and a 242 Pair in each side was won by Petone Central. Our teams in the Bowl comprising a Pair and a Four were runners up (result had to be decided on differential). Well done to all our teams.

The men had Interclub practice/trial games on Saturday.

Entry lists are on the noticeboard for Championship Triples.  It’s time to get your teams organised for this. Entries close tomorrow, 28 September with play commencing on 5th & 6th October. If not in a team but would be available please add your name to the bottom of the list.

The Entry list is on the Board also for the Brian Irwin Mixed 242 pairs. This is limited to the first 16 teams entered. This is scheduled for this Sunday, 29 September. As at last night there were14 teams entered.

The women will have their Interclub practice/trial on Saturday, 28 September at 1.00-3.00 pm followed by some socializing and Nibbles. Mufti dress.

Gough Banner & Shield Men’s competition is being held tomorrow at various Clubs around the Hutt Valley. We have 1 section of at our Club in the morning. Team selections are on the noticeboard. Good luck/bowling to our teams.

The caterers will be at the Club this weekend.

This weekend the Naenae Women’s Classic tournament is being held. Patricia Wishnowsky is participating in this – good luck/bowling, Patricia.

Coaching. There will be coaching next Monday Night (30 September), at 5.00 pm for 1-5 year players. However, we would also encourage other players to come along and have some coaching/assistance with their play – learn from a registered coach.

With the higher costs of petrol these days it would be good if passengers in cars travelling to other non-local venues make a small contribution each towards petrol. Whilst some ‘drivers’ don’t want it others do really appreciate the gesture.

Interclub & Pennants – watch the noticeboard for team selections. Round 1 of Interclub commences on 12 October.

The Handbook is now available for members to pick up their copy. Copies are in front of the grill to the left of the Bar.

The Bowls Wellington Handbook is also now available. As we only have a limited number of books, please only take one copy at the moment until all those who do need the book have one.

We will have a team participating in Bowls 3-5 competition and need 9 players.  This event (2 Bowl Triples) – will be played on a week night over several weeks.  If interested please put your name on the list.

The list is also up for Gee Shield for women. The first day of this competition is October, 7th. This year the competition has been changed to one team of Fours from each Club. The team selection will be made this weekend – watch the noticeboard to see if it is your turn!

There is an Umpire’s Triples Gala on 11 October at Massey Avenue Bowling Club. There is a flyer on the Noticeboard. The cost is $30.00 per team and is triples – any combo. Reserve day is 18 October. If you wish to enter please contact Dayle Jackson – details on the flyer.

A timely reminder too to all members that you must have your membership card with you when at the Club. If you don’t have it with you, you are not eligible to buy a drink at the Bar – therefore you need to sign the visitor’s book and be signed in by a member.

It is the last weekend for Subscriptions to be paid. Envelopes are available in front of the Treasurers Box for your subscription.  Please make sure you put your name and membership category on the front.  Internet Banking is also available – our ANZ account number is 06 0545 0321955 00.  Be sure that your name, initials and membership category are included so that it will appear on the Club’s statement.  The name of the account is Petone Central Bowling Club.

As it gets nearer to Christmas, we are getting a lot of enquiries from corporates/ organisations wishing to use our greens and premises for their Christmas party. Sandra Prichard is coordinating these bookings so if you do answer any enquiries please refer them to either our email or to contact Sandra. Please remember that Sandra’s number in our handbook is incorrect. As advised in earlier mailouts her number is 909 9507.

Daylight Savings commences this weekend – don’t forget to put your clocks forward an hour when you go to bed Saturday night.

Don’t forget our sponsors – please support them.


The club’s top bowler, a guy who had won every club championship numerous times, was known for carrying a little black book which he regularly consulted during games.  Whenever he stood on the mat, with a particularly difficult situation, he would take out this little book and then make a brilliant shot.  Eventually he died and there was great interest in this book.  Many of the club’s members approached the man’s widow asking what she was planning to do with this legendary book.  As a shrewd woman who was also in need of funds, she decided to auction the book off to the highest bidder.  The auction was held at the club and after some very spirited bidding a member, who had often finished second to the now deceased champion, took possession of the much sought after and now quite expensive book.  He could scarcely wait to take the book home and peruse its pages at leisure.  He sat himself down in his study and began to leaf through the pages – and he found that the pages were blank!  He finally came to a single page that had one sentence on it.  It said – “Small circle on the inside.”


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Petone Central Bowling Club came into being in June 2008 as a result of the merger between two former Clubs — the Petone Bowling Club and the Central Bowling Club. Both Clubs were well established in the Petone area with the Petone Bowling Club being inaugurated in 1897 and the Central Bowling Club in 1917.

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