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What’s Been and What’s on as at 5 February

Yikes – it’s February already!

Covid 19 Update: We remain at Level 1.  Please continue signing in and using the sanitizers.  When we see and hear what is happening overseas and now in New Zealand, this is now more important than ever.  It only takes a minute to use the APP or to sign in!

Men’s & Women’s Championship Pairs have been completed.  Women’s winners were Patricia/Sheryl and Christine/Natasha runners up.  Men’s winners were Ken/Chris and KG/Jana runners up.  Well done to all four teams and congratulations to out finalists.

It was a fabulous day on Monday for the Over 60’s Gala. The weather really turned on its best day for the 72 players & an enjoyable day was had by all.  It was great to see so many people playing on B green although it was a challenge to change from one green and then to the other.  Special thanks to David Goodey for running the day and also to Rymans for their sponsorship.  Also, many thanks to Robyn, Glenda & Lynda for their assistance on the day.

Championship Singles are on this weekend, 6th & 7th February.  Unfortunately, this event does clash with the Maori Bowls tournament in Auckland so one or two who would normally have been playing couldn’t enter.  Men will be playing on Saturday and Women on Sunday.  Markers are required – put your name on the white board beside Club Notices if you can assist.  The draws are on the Board.  The next rounds will be the following weekend 13th & 14th February.

To those who are going to the Maori Bowls we wish you safe travels (keep on using the APP and sanitizing up there) and good bowling.  Enjoy!

Monday is Waitangi Day holiday – there will be a disc draw.

It’s time to get ready for the Gibbons Trophy (Triples) – 28th February.  With the McArthur Henry completed for Juniors now over we are looking at teams for the Gibbons Triples. A list is on the board and these players are asked to attend trial/coaching sessions on Wednesday 17th, Friday 19th and Wednesday 24th Feb (when teams will be announced).  Dave Goodey is hopeful for at least two teams, possibly even three, following our success in the earlier event.

Men’s Pennants – All rounds have now been completed.  Unfortunately, our team will be relegated.

Women’s Pennants – Division 2 played their final round on Thursday 4 February – unfortunately it was a ‘hard morning at bowls’ resulting in our team coming 2nd.  With the same points as Plimmerton meant they won overall as they won the game against us earlier in the season.

Gee Shield. The next is scheduled for 15 February with a cancellation date, 22 February.  Team selections will be on the Board today.  I will advise those who have been selected.

Thursday Club nights commenced on 21st January and our raffles resumed.  The lucky Lotto Bonus number has also started again.  More support for these would be appreciated.  Also, don’t forget to support our Trading Table, it has some wonderful food products on it.  Come along on Thursday from 4 pm and socialize and participate in our raffles.

Members, please remember you must have your Membership Card with you when you are at the Club. If for some reason you don’t have it, you must be signed in. All this is a requirement to comply with the terms of our Liquor Licence.  If we do not adhere to this rule and the Police/Licensing Authority personnel decide to visit the Club it would result in a fine for both the Club and the Member involved and there is a chance we would lose our Licence.

Please note: Under no circumstance is our Security Code to be given to persons outside of our Club.

We are currently looking at getting our Website updated and hope to have it completed in the next week or two.  Once we have it sorted, constructive ideas from members on the website would be appreciated.  Please let either Glenda of Yvonne know of any ideas.

Photos of championship winners with the Cup.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get photos taken on finals day.  We would like the winning teams (and if possible the runners up teams) to either come in their Club uniforms or bring them with you sometime soon and get your photos taken.  Skips – could you perhaps organize this?

Green 1: We have had Tiger Turf visit the club to give an assessment for the artificial green and they have advised that they are very concerned about the state of the green in some places. Can you please ensure that you DO NOT DUMP your bowls.  There is going to be a cost to the club to get the green fixed.

Diamond Buttons – These games were cancelled last Friday due to the weather – new date is now this Friday, 5 February and Val and Christine will be playing Silverstream on Friday morning at Silverstream.  Play commences at 10.00 am.  If you are able to do so, please head up there and support our team.

NZ Clubs Men’s Bowls tournament is being held in Christchurch 7th -11th February – good luck to our Club members who are participating in this (Ken, Chris, Doug and KG) and any other Club members who may also be in this competition.

Galas Other Club’s hold Galas.  We ask members from other Club’s to support our galas (Ryman’s and the winter galas) so it would be good to support theirs.  Details of these Galas are in the Galas Folder outside the Office.

Have you got some constructive suggestions, comments or congratulations which you would like to draw both our Executive and members’ attention to?  Well at their recent Executive meeting, it was decided we should do this and members are invited to put their views in writing and put them in the Treasurer’s box – please sign them – we don’t want any anonymous contributions.

A number of ‘etiquette’ issues have been observed lately and we will start putting the correct etiquette details in these mailouts hopefully from next week and also on our noticeboard.

Community League.  This commences next Thursday 11th February through to the end of March.  If you know of anyone interested in participating in this please let Karyn Wick or Dave Grant know.  We’ve had a very good response to this event.


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Petone Central Bowling Club came into being in June 2008 as a result of the merger between two former Clubs — the Petone Bowling Club and the Central Bowling Club. Both Clubs were well established in the Petone area with the Petone Bowling Club being inaugurated in 1897 and the Central Bowling Club in 1917.

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